Spoke Lacing

Spoke Lacing

Spoke Lacing describes how spokes are orientated in a wheel. It's common for the lacing pattern to vary from the drive side (DS) to the non-drive side (NDS) as well as from the front wheel to rear wheel.

There are four common lacing patterns which include:
1) Radial
2) 1x (One Cross)
3) 2x (Two Cross)
4) 3x (Three Cross)

When spokes cross over each and touch they act to brace or support each other resulting in a stronger wheel build so as the number of crosses increases so does the strength of the wheel. A Radial lacing pattern is the weakest since spokes don't cross over and support each other while a 3x lacing pattern is the strongest with three points of contact per spoke. There are of course other aspects that contribute to the strength of a wheel such as spoke gauge, length, material, tension, hub width and rim diameter. 


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