Spindle Interface - Hollowtech

A spindle interface developed by Shimano which can be found on the large majority of their two piece cranksets. The entire length of the spindle measures 24.0mm in diameter and has a splined interface on the end. The spindle is permanently pressed into the drive side crankarm which combines these two separate parts into a single component. The non-drive side crankarm is also splined so it can slot onto the end of the spindle. The splines are designed in a way which makes it difficult to install incorrectly. Once the non-drive side crankarm has been slid onto the spindle a plastic preload cap/bolt is used to press the crankarm on while two pinch bolts are used to secure the crankarm to the spindle. The preload cap is made of plastic to prevent over tightening; the preload cap only needs to be hand tight, the pinch bolts are what holds the crankarm on the spindle.


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