Post Mount 160mm

Brake Caliper Interface - Post Mount

Two posts that protrude from a frame or fork that allow a post mount disc brake caliper to be mounted to them. The ends of each post have female M6 threads inside so the brake caliper can be bolted to them securely. The posts are spaced 74mm apart from the center of each bolt hole. The height of each post is what dictates the size of compatible disc brake rotors. It was common for quite some time that post mounts on front forks where designed to accommodate 160mm rotors as the default. If a larger rotor was needed then an adapter could be used to increase the height of the post mounts so a 180mm or 200mm rotor could be used. There is less consistency in frames and forks today so you will need to verify sizing before replacing brake calipers. For example: suspension forks can have 160mm, 180mm, 200mm or 203mm posts mounts on them. If your fork has 180mm posts mounts then you cannot use a 160mm disc brake rotor, only 180mm or larger with the use of an adapter.


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