Bearing Type - Angular Contact

Angular Cartridge Bearing are designed to have load applied to them laterally and aren't ideal for high speed rotation. Angular Cartridge Bearings are most often found in headsets and some suspension frame linkage. 

The outer race acts like a cup which the ball bearings sit in then the inner race is placed on top to hold everything in place. Due to this design the bearing must be installed in a specific orientation so that the inner race has load applied to it. If the inner race isn't loaded properly it can pop out causing the entire bearing to fall apart inside the component which can cause catastrophic damage. When installing Angular Cartridge Bearings always double check that they've been installed in the correct orientation. 

In order for load to be applied to each race they will tend to have an angled interface. The precise angle will vary from bearing to bearing but most headset bearings use 36 or 45 degree races. It is important for the angle of the bearing race to match the angle of the component it is being installed into. 

For example: if a bearing with a 45 degree outer race is installed into a headset cup with a 36 degree angle the bearing won't sit flush in the cup causing play in the headset which can cause significant damage to the frame. A 36 degree headset cup requires a 36 degree bearing outer race.


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